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Frequently Asked Questions

How does an outside furnace heat my home?

How does the furnace heat water for household use?

How do the Thermostat Controls work?

Where should my  Furnace be located?


How does it heat my home?

     The outside water furnace is designed to save the most energy and provide the most comfortable heating available.  It heats your home by heating a tank filled with water, which surrounds the firebox of the outside furnace.  The furnace is basically a non-pressurized boiler with an atmospheric vent.  The hot water is then circulated through underground, hot water pipes to a water coil inside your existing central duct system.  The blower on you central unit is turned on by the thermostat control and forces the air across the hot coil sending hot air through your central duct system.

     The Ozark Biomass furnace can be connected to any existing hydronic heating system that operates at 180 F or less.

How does it heat water for household use?

     A cold water supply line goes to the outside furnace.  This water line keeps the water tank on the furnace full.  The tank has a manual fill up and only needs water as it evaporates and the water line also connects to a heat exchanger which lies inside the water reservoir of the outside furnace.  The pressure on the supply water line forces water through the heat exchanger when you turn on a hot water faucet inside your home.  As this water passes through the heat exchanger, it picks up the heat from the hot water which surrounds it, and then it goes to the cold water input on your hot water heater.  This means the hot water heater will take on hot water.  This water is not contaminated with the water that passes through your furnace and coil to heat your house.

How do the Thermostat Controls work?

     The only visible addition to the heating system inside your home is the thermostat which is located near the existing thermostat.  The two thermostats are installed so that if the outside wood furnace is not in operation, your existing unit will automatically take over to maintain your household temperature.  The wall thermostat which regulates the heat from the outside furnace performs two functions; when it senses your need for heat according to your temperature setting, it turns the water pump on to circulate the hot water through the coil and also turns the blower on inside your central unit to force air across the hot coil; this forces hot air into your central duct system.  The outside furnace has a hot water thermostat which senses the water temperature of the unit.  If the water is not as hot as the thermostat setting (normally set on 180) then the combustion air intake is automatically opened and remains open until such temperature is attained.

Where should my Furnace be located?

      The outside unit should be located at least 25 feet from your home so that all fire danger is removed from your home.  The unit may be installed as much as 150 ft. away and still heat your house and hot water.  If the unit is located more than 150 ft. you may experience some heat loss on the water going to your hot water heater.  Locate the furnace where it will be convenient for refueling and wood storage.  All water and power lines are installed underground between the house and the outside wood furnace.




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